Hi! 👋 I'm Gaël, a fullstack developer. I love to share content about programming, personal development and my journey as a web developer! {"coding": "enthusiast"} ❤️

Gaël Thomas
Gaël Thomas

Here's how I fell into the magical world of computer programming

Since I was a little boy, I'm obsessed with creative activities. I stayed long hours imagining and building all kind of things with my LEGOs. Then, when growing up, I discovered computers and tried to create my first website with HTML and CSS… but I was so bad at it! All along with my high school, I dreamed about being able to create things on my computer. But, I never did it because I thought it was unattainable and too complicated.

In 2015, I started a curriculum of 5 years in a school named Epitech. It's a project-based pedagogy school with no teachers, to simplify it's a kind of big Bootcamp.

All along the first month, I coded from morning to night without knowing anything! HELP! I had a lot of exercises to do during the weekdays, and also projects to create from scratch the weekends. And guess in which language? In C language!

You can trust me, I wasn't ready for this, and it was so difficult at first. I often thought about quitting school, and I told myself that programming wasn't for me.

A few weeks after this challenging period, I started working on my first school project. I realized that all these efforts lead me to be able to write small programs. That is how I discovered that programming would be my new hobby.

For the past two years, I have the opportunity to teach programming on the OpenClassrooms platform. One year ago, I've joined a company as a fullstack web developer in Paris even though I haven't finished my master's degree yet.

I also work daily on this side project to achieve my dream. To help future budding developers with this project, while creating a small business. To be continued!

Why I created HereWeCode

My main goal with HereWeCode is to help beginners starting their developer journey. But, I also want to help them evolving and improving their programming skills.

I assume that simple and concrete examples are essential to understanding programming concepts.

I know how much it isn't easy to learn how to code. Those times when you may lose hope or be very frustrated because you are not succeeding at what you are doing.

Since 2015, I have been acquiring learning and programming experiences. My goal is to help you overcome obstacles, reach your goals and become the developer that you dream of being.

As I mentioned before: I love to teach, writing, creating and sharing content around my hobby! My contents are various. It can be about programming, personal development and my journey as a web developer etc.

As I mentioned before: I love teaching, writing, creating and sharing content about it! My content is varied. It can be about web programming, personal development and my journey as a developer, etc.

I look forward to helping you!

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